Cosmoprof 2016: Amazon Beauty (part 2 of 3)

If you want to access incredible online and offline scale for your brand, consider Amazon Beauty

A Divisional Merchandising Manager for Beauty & Grooming gave a data-heavy presentation on Amazon’s history and relevance to beauty brands. He highlighted Amazon’s a vast reach of 285m active customer accounts and 177m unique visitors (as of 2014) and it is hard to imagine a larger online platform for sales. In addition, every $1 searched online can translate to $6 offline so brands achieve a dual benefit by selling on Amazon. I loved all of the data presented, but was left with a few questions.

I believe it will take some time to build the trust of some customers who have been burned by unauthorized sellers in the past and that was not addressed. I also would have liked to hear more about the actual mechanics of doing business with Amazon, as the name of the panel suggested. I learned a lot about the power of selling on Amazon, but I wasn’t clear on how a brand initiates selling, what a long term relationship would look like, what kind of data and consumer insights a brand could garner, whether there is a dedicated Amazon rep for brands, and what marketing support is provided. You could absolutely learn a lot about this from a quick google search, but it was a missed opportunity to dive deep specifically on Amazon Beauty and have an open Q&A.

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